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Code Name Type
999422 Collection services of non-hazardous recyclable materials Service
999423 General waste collection services, residential Service
999424 General waste collection services, other n.e.c. Service
999431 Waste preparation, consolidation and storage services Service
999432 Hazardous waste treatment and disposal services Service
999433 Non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal services Service
999441 Site remediation and clean-up services Service
999442 Containment, control and monitoring services and other site remediation services Service
999443 Building remediation services Service
999449 Other remediation services n.e.c. Service
999451 Sweeping and snow removal services Service
999459 Other sanitation services n.e.c. Service
999490 Other environmental protection services n.e.c. Service
999511 Services furnished by business and employers organizations Service
999512 Services furnished by professional organizations Service
999520 Services furnished by trade unions Service
999591 Religious services Service
999592 Services furnished by political organizations Service
999593 Services furnished by human rights organizations Service
999594 Cultural and recreational associations Service
999595 Services furnished by environmental advocacy groups Service
999596 Services provided by youth associations Service
999597 Other civic and social organizations Service
999598 Home owners associations Service
999599 Services provided by other membership organizations n.e.c. Service
999611 Sound recording services Service
999612 Motion picture, videotape, television and radio programme production services Service
999613 Audiovisual post-production services Service
999614 Motion picture, videotape and television programme distribution services Service
999615 Motion picture projection services Service
999621 Performing arts event promotion and organization services Service
999622 Performing arts event production and presentation services Service
999623 Performing arts facility operation services Service
999629 Other performing arts and live entertainment services n.e.c. Service
999631 Services of performing artists including actors, readers, musicians, singers, dancers, TV personali… Service
999632 Services of authors, composers, sculptors and other artists, except performing artists Service
999633 Original works of authors, composers and other artists except performing artists, painters and scul… Service
999641 Museum and preservation services of historical sites and buildings Service
999642 Botanical, zoological and nature reserve services Service
999651 Sports and recreational sports event promotion and organization services Service
999652 Sports and recreational sports facility operation services Service
999659 Other sports and recreational sports services n.e.c. Service
999661 Services of athletes Service
999662 Support services related to sports and recreation Service
999691 Amusement park and similar attraction services Service
999692 Gambling and betting services including similar online services Service
999693 Coin-operated amusement machine services Service
999694 Lottery services Service
999699 Other recreation and amusement services n.e.c. Service
999711 Coin-operated laundry services Service
999712 Dry-cleaning services (including fur product cleaning services) Service
999713 Other textile cleaning services Service
999714 Pressing services Service
999715 Dyeing and colouring services Service
999719 Other washing, cleaning and dyeing services n.e.c Service
999721 Hairdressing and barbers services Service
999722 Cosmetic treatment (including cosmetic/plastic surgery), manicuring and pedicuring services Service
999723 Physical well-being services including health club & fitness centre Service
999729 Other beauty treatment services n.e.c. Service
999731 Cemeteries and cremation services Service
999732 Undertaking services Service
999791 Services involving commercial use or exploitation of any event Service
999792 Agreeing to do an act Service
999793 Agreeing to refrain from doing an act Service
999794 Agreeing to tolerate an act Service
999795 Conduct of religious ceremonies/rituals by persons Service
999799 Other services n.e.c. Service
999800 Domestic services both part time & full time Service
999900 Services provided by extraterritorial organizations and bodies Service